About Audiobooks

Man holding tabletIt is our intention to sell a few audiobooks on this site. These will be available for download, in a manner similar to eBooks. Our audiobooks will usually be in .m4b format. This format can be played on all media players, such as Windows Media Player, or VideoLan (VLC). However, these players may not provide the chapter divisions, or the ability to bookmark. On Windows or iOS, you could use Apple Quicktime, which does give chapters and bookmarks. On Android, I recommend Smart Audio Book player, which also gives full bookmarking facilities.

These audiobooks are not compatible with Audible. I will slowly be publishing some audiobooks with Amazon Audible, but these will have to purchased through them.

You will need to move the .m4b file into a suitable folder that can be read by your audiobook player. Just attach your tablet, phone, or nook to your PC by a suitable USB cable, and copy the file, as you would to a USB thumb drive. Your phone or tablet may need to be set to transfer files, as it may just use the cable for charging. Another alternative would be to upload your Audiobook to a cloud account, and then download it to your chosen device.

Please note that I will not be able to offer support for such file transfers. This page is your support. I will not normally be able to offer phone or email support, beyond the contents of this page.